4 Tips for Protecting Plants From Frigid Temperatures

4 Tips for Protecting Plants From Frigid Temperatures

Autumn is the time to safeguard your outdoor plants from falling temperatures. When winter arrives and the ground freezes, your greenery will need help to survive. Dundee Nursery, a family-owned, full-service garden center in Plymouth, MN, understands what plants need to stay healthy and shares advice to help them make it to spring.

Here are four ways to protect your plants during the winter months.

Provide Ground Cover

Cover your plant beds with a layer of mulch 2–4 inches deep before the first heavy frost. This will provide critical insulation to protect them from rapid temperature drops and retain moisture in their roots. Use organic mulch that will deliver nutrients to the soil as it decomposes.

Protect Them From Frost

Winter GreenhouseTo protect your plants during a light freeze, shelter them with burlap or sheets. This will shield the plants from frost overnight — just remove the coverings in the morning so your flora and greenery can receive sunlight. For extended periods of freezing, you need more substantial shelter. Build a framework of PVC pipes over your plants and cover it with plastic sheeting, then create a few holes to allow for air circulation. You also can pick up temporary greenhouse structures at a garden store.

Continue to Water

Keep an eye on the weather forecast and water your plants heavily a few days before a cold snap. Dry garden soil freezes faster than wet ground, and the moisture will protect the roots. Overwatering before a freeze typically works for all plants except succulents.

Adjust Care Requirements

Conduct a little research on the plants you want to shield from winter’s effects. Varieties like cane berries, delicate perennials, and roses have different needs during colder months. Stop by a garden center and nursery to get recommendations.

Before you prepare your garden and landscaping for winter, visit Dundee Nursery. Check out their website for garden tips and a variety of outdoor and indoor plants. For more information, call their Plymouth store at (763) 559-4016. Like them on Facebook for news about their seasonal events.