5 Simple Landscaping Ideas for a Low-Maintenance Front Yard

Photo of pathway landscaping

Has the seemingly constant mowing got you down? Perhaps all the pruning, weeding, and watering have slowly taken over your weekends and you want them back.

Whatever your reason, it’s time to stop laboring over your front yard and start enjoying it. Here are our top five landscaping ideas that will turn your high-maintenance headache into a hands-free dreamscape.

1. Go all-in on mulch

Front Yard Mulch

Adding multiple mulch beds around your front yard is one of the best ways to cut down on routine maintenance. It doesn’t require watering or mowing and only needs to be replaced once a year in the spring.

Mulch is one of the best investments you can make for your yard. It’s inexpensive, adds a nice contrasting color, provides a pleasant aroma, prevents weeds from popping up, and even fertilizes your plants as it breaks down.

If you haven’t given mulch a try before, it’s not too late to put it down. Head to your nearest garden center and pick up a few bags in the variety of your choice.

2. Incorporate crushed stone

Front Yard Crushed Stone

Similar to mulch, a lot of people have been replacing the grass in their front lawn with crushed stone. Unlike mulch, however, you will never have to replace it, though that does come at a slightly higher initial cost.

Crushed stone comes in many different sizes and colors and is a great way to match the natural stonework of your front entryway, for example.

3. Replace sloped lawns with retaining walls

Front Yard Boulder Wall Stairs

If you have an elevated front lawn, then you certainly know the struggles of mowing on an incline. Remove this inconvenience altogether by installing a retaining wall (or two).

Whether you prefer brick, timber, or boulders, there are many eye-catching styles to choose from that can transform the look of your front yard. Then surround them in style with mulch or crushed stone and your plants of choice.

4. Pick “non-fussy” native flowers

Front Yard Native Flowers

When it comes to maintenance, not all plants are created equal. If you have your heart set on a “designer” plant from a specific region, you’re most likely going to have to put in the work. If you’d prefer to skip this unnecessary green-thumbing, pick flowers that were bred to thrive in your area and require less watering and pruning.

Perennials are your best bet since all you have to do is plant them once and watch them grow back year after year. Try to pick a mixture of hardier plants that will bloom all season long, such as daisies, lavender, or Black-Eyed Susans.

If you’re unsure what plants grow best in your neck of the woods, do a little online research or consult your local garden center expert.

5. Add a stunning water feature

Front Yard Boulder Fountain Water Feature

While the priciest option on our list, there’s no denying the mesmerizing beauty of a front yard water feature. Add a bubbling boulder or a shallow pool as the focal point of your yard and you’ll soon be the talk of the neighborhood.

Of course, they don’t come without a little bit of upkeep. Depending on your acceptable level of debris, you will need to occasionally clean the water. And in many regions of the country, some work will be required to ready them for the winter months.

That said, they’re definitely worth the added cost and effort as there’s arguably no better way to amplify your home’s first impression.

Consult the landscaping experts at Dundee

If you’re still unsure what’s best for your space, that’s okay. Check out our striking gallery of front yards and entries for a little added inspiration.

Are you considering a more comprehensive overhaul? Our landscape design experts are happy to help you transform your existing space into the front yard you’ve always wanted. Contact us today to schedule a design consultation.