A Guide to Refreshing Your Garden With Fall Plants

A Guide to Refreshing Your Garden With Fall Plants

Spring may be your favorite season to garden, but the end of summer is the ideal time to get outdoors again. These warm, sunny days are perfect for adding new fall plants to your landscape design. Dundee Nursery in Plymouth, MN has a stunning collection of flowers and greenery that will thrive in cooler weather. Here, they offer some tips to help you plan the perfect fall garden.

When Should I Start Planting?

As the summer ends and temperatures begin to drop, you might notice that your annuals are starting to look droopy. This is when you should start shopping for new fall plants. It can be difficult to choose a planting date as the summer heat can linger through September, making the ground too warm for cold-weather varieties, and a rainy August can lead to saturated soil and root rot. Fortunately, many plants will survive in pots until the ground conditions are ideal.

What Should I Plant?

Fall GardeningYou might be surprised to learn how many flowers and greens thrive in cooler temperatures. Choosing fall perennials gives you the opportunity to enjoy colorful blossoms for many years. Look for species like mums, chrysanthemums, and salvia. These flowers are available in a variety of rich colors, including purple, yellow, red, and white. If you prefer annuals, try vibrant marigolds or pansies. Ornamental kale provides a lush green backdrop for your flower garden.

If you’re looking for a wide selection of beautiful plants and high-quality gardening supplies, then visit Dundee Nursery to browse their inventory. Their helpful staff will answer your fall planting questions, so you can enjoy a beautiful landscape design all season. To learn about their current inventory, call (763) 559-4016 for the Plymouth location. You can also visit their website to find inspiration.