Alec Fredrickson

Alec is a Landscape Designer with 7 years of experience in the landscaping industry. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Augsburg University and brings this knowledge into all of his work.

Having participated in the installation side of landscaping as well as the design, he offers a unique experience-based perspective in his landscape designs that accounts for all phases of a project. He has great knowledge of not only what will look good but how it all comes together.

He specializes in organizing space to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and efficient landscape that makes the most of a given space. He combines plants and hardscapes in a seamless way that creates a comfortable and inviting outdoor experience.

Alec enjoys collaborating with his clients in an effort to create a design that achieves everything they are looking for and more. Ensuring the final product matches the design and the desire of the client is his biggest priority.