FAQs About Summer Perennial Flowers

FAQs About Summer Perennial Flowers

If you love the look of a colorful blooming garden, especially during the summer, planting perennial flowers ensures a lush landscape every year. If this is your first time working with perennials, you might have some questions about what to plant. The team at Dundee Nursery & Landscaping in Plymouth, MN, is always happy to share their knowledge, so they’ve answered a few commonly asked questions.

Perennial Flower FAQs

Which Varieties Offer Both Color & Scent?

Lavender is a great choice for summer gardens. This popular herbaceous plant provides a lovely purple color along with a subtle, soothing scent. It can also be used in potpourris and sachets once it has finished blooming for the season.

What Perennial Offers Many Color Options?

Autumn Joy flowers are available in yellow, orange, red, and pink. This plant produces blossoms about three inches in diameter, providing a burst of color to your landscaping. Even though they are at their peak during the late summer, the buds are just as bright all season long.

What Are Garden Phlox?

Purple FlowerPhlox blooms for many weeks out of the summer, beginning in July, making them a top choice for many gardeners. Look for a mildew-resistant variety to ensure the flowers don’t develop a white buildup. David garden phlox are known for their hardiness.

Are Daisies a Good Summer Perennial?

The white Shasta daisy offers a classic, fresh look that brightens every garden. Despite their delicate appearance, daisies are durable and known for their abundant blossoms.

What Is a Black-Eyed Susan?

Black-eyed Susans are a common wildflower as well as a pretty addition to any garden. With bright yellow petals and a striking dark center, these flowers bloom all summer and require minimal maintenance. Black-eyed Susans are also known as yellow daisies, brown-eyed Susans, and English bull’s eyes.

How Long Will Salvia Last?

When salvias are properly maintained and deadheaded, they will bloom all summer. Varieties that add beautiful color to your garden include Victoria blue, Caradonna, and Blue Hill. This flower is resistant to the cold, so you can enjoy it into the autumn months.

Now is the perfect time to bring color into your garden with perennials you’ll enjoy for years to come. Dundee Nursery & Landscaping is your one-stop shop for improving your yard. This family-owned and operated nursery has a knowledgeable staff and an extensive list of services to help you achieve your dream garden. Visit them online to learn more, or call the Plymouth location at (763) 559-4016 to speak with the team.