4 Ways a Retaining Wall will Benefit your Yard


If you've been searching for ways to upgrade your yard, you've likely come across retaining walls —especially if your yard contains sloping or elevated spaces. You can definitely choose to level the sloped ground, but experts would recommend opting for a retaining wall instead. Leveling your yard can be time-consuming and costly, while a retaining wall includes lots of benefits, visual and functional.

1. Aesthetic Appeal

A retaining wall can be a dynamic and attractive addition to your yard with the correct height and materials. In fact, landscape designers know all sorts of options when it comes to building a retaining wall, including different materials depending on the aesthetic of your space. Material options include:

  • Boulders
  • Timbers
  • Gabion
  • Natural Stone
  • Concrete blocks

Whatever your design preferences, the Dundee team can work with you to build something great that perfectly matches your landscaping preferences.

2. Soil Erosion Prevention

With wind, flash floods, and neighbors who insist on continually over-watering their lawns, there are a lot of factors working against you when it comes to soil erosion.

One of the largest benefits of a retaining wall is its ability to keep your soil in place! Retaining walls support your soil and greatly decrease the speed that water travels across its surface, preventing erosion. Extra channels and drainage can also be added within retaining walls for proper structure.

No matter the level of protection your soil requires, Dundee can help you strategically plan a retaining wall specifically for your space.

3. Adds Functional Space to Your Yard

Hills and mounds can have their own appeal, but they also tend to take up valuable landscaping space as they can be difficult to workaround. Dundee can help you design a retaining wall that makes the most of your space. Some ideas to consider are:

  • Creating terraces through a sequence of retaining walls, you can add tons of functional space to your yard, giving you a much easier landscaping canvas to work with. Terracing also creates a striking and attractive façade for your yard and allows you to showcase distinct features such as gardens and patios more prominently.
  • Installing a small retaining wall to provide a flower bed at the front of your property. With a raised bed, you can mix in more flower-friendly soil.
  • With one or more retaining walls (depending on the size of your property), you can segment off areas of your yard that can be visually effective, especially in large spaces.

4. Retaining Walls Can Add to Property Value

All of the benefits listed above create value in the eyes of a potential buyer, but most notable are erosion prevention and structural support. There's a lot to consider when buying a home, and the less there is to worry about, the better.

Ready to upgrade your yard?

The design experts at Dundee can help design the best retaining wall or walls for your property. We'd love to discuss your project, so give us a call at 763-559-4004 or visit our website to schedule a design consultation, ask a gardening question, or tell us about your landscaping concerns. Whatever it is, we’re happy to help!