Dundee Limited Warranty

Requires proof of purchase (receipt)

Trees, shrubs, evergreens, and hardy shrub roses

Trees, shrubs, evergreens, and hardy shrub roses that have been planted in the ground have a 12 month limited warranty from the date of purchase.

If the plant fails to live within that time period it will be replaced once. The replacement plant carries no warranty.

Dundee reserves the right to inspect any plant material at the purchaser’s location prior to removal or replacement, in order to suggest corrective measures, determine why the plant material failed, or to verify that the area in which the plant material is located is suitable for continued growth.

Purchaser’s failure to provide an opportunity for inspection could result in the denial of a warranty claim.

Vines, bare root shrubs, and small fruits

We guarantee customer satisfaction for the period of 30 days from purchase date on any plant material listed above.


Limited warranty exceptions

Dundee makes no warranty in connection with replacement plants, trees, or shrubs. In addition, Dundee makes no warranty with respect to any plant material used in above ground containers, damage caused by animals, sun-scald, frost cracks, or any other act of God.

With respect to lawn and garden products and construction material, the warranties set forth herein extend only to the manufacture’s warranties provided in connection with the purchase of such product or material.

In no event shall consequential or incidental damages be covered by this limited warranty. No other warranties, expressed or implied, are provided beyond the conditions, remedies, and limits set forth in this limited warranty.

No employee, representative, or agent of Dundee may authorize changes to this standard limited warranty, or alter the conditions, remedies, and limits specifically set in this limited warranty.

This warranty gives you the specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

This limited warranty is valid only if:

  • You are the original purchaser.
  • Your account is current.
  • Proof of purchase (receipt) is furnished by customer.
  • Planted material has been returned for warranty claims unless otherwise inspected by Dundee.
  • The purchaser has planted the material in the ground and cared for the plant material in a reasonable manner.
  • All Claims are reported within the applicable warranty period.


Replacement policy

If the plant material fails during its “Limited Warranty” and all conditions are met for replacement, the following steps will be taken (the first option that applies will be used):

  1. Plant for plant replacement: The plant material that failed is replaced with the same plant, regardless of current pricing.
  2. Plant for Replacement Voucher: If the plant material that failed is not available, a replacement voucher is issued in the amount of the original purchase towards new/different plant material.

Plant for replacement voucher exceptions

No cash, check, or credit card returns will be issued.

Labor to re-plant will be at no charge, only if our crews installed the plant material.

Plant material that is replaced will be replaced only once, and the replacement plant is not warranted.


Other Exceptions

If the plant material is purchased at a discount, NO WARRANTY applies.