Landscape Structure & Pergola Building

Outdoor Structures Make Spaces More Functional and Enjoyable

They are as diverse as the homeowner and add to the attractiveness of the landscape. From pergolas to gazebos to garden arbors, custom landscape structures transport us from one outdoor space to another.

When appropriately placed and sized, outdoor buildings make a space more enjoyable and can be used for a variety of purposes such as providing storage, housing gardening supplies, or serving as a workshop or office. Outdoor buildings can also provide privacy and define different areas within the landscape. Regardless of whether they are simple or complex, these landscaping constructions may draw us from one outdoor space to the next, transporting us from the front yard to the backyard.

  • Arbors can serve as arches to designate a passageway.
  • Create an overhead pergola “roof” to provide shade over a patio.
  • Trellises with vines or flowers may be used to decorate fences, walls, and buildings independently or in tandem.

Gazebos and Pavilions

These standalone structures can provide protection from the sun and rain while serving as a visual focal point in the landscape.

Soften Your Landscape with Vertical Gardens and Vines

Climbing plants and shrubs may be grown in all of these locations. Vertical gardens soften the hard edges of buildings and contribute to the vibrant floral displays in any garden.

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