Work by Minneapolis outdoor kitchen builders
Personalize Your Back Yard

Custom Outdoor Dining Areas

There’s nothing like eating outside when the weather’s nice, but imagine if you didn’t have to wait until the food was done to get out there?

If you have a large yard with lots of space, your outdoor kitchen could include a bar, extra seating areas, and grills. If you have a smaller space available, you can still prepare your meals under the sun or stars; try a simpler design with just a sink and prep counter. No matter what size your space or budget is, our talented team of outdoor kitchen designers will find the perfect backyard dining area. 

Photo of a Minneapolis outdoor kitchen design
Spring, Summer or Fall

Design-Built Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor dining is one of the best feelings on a nice summer, spring, or fall day. With your own custom outdoor dining area, look no further than your backyard for a luxurious dining experience. You plan the menu; our outdoor kitchen builders will take care of the rest!