Properly Lighting Your Landscape

landscape lighting

During the daytime, it's easy to show off all the work you've put into creating a beautiful home. From your landscaping to the architecture, it all pieces together as one to create your home's curb appeal. Unfortunately, all the work you put into making your space visually appealing cannot be appreciated at night. A simple, yet effective way to increase your curb appeal during the nighttime is to add some landscape lighting to your property. Here are our favorite spaces to light at night:

1. Entryways

The entryway to your home is the gateway to everything inside. Illuminating entryways, the paths to entryways, and the surrounding areas is a great way to not only showcase these spaces but to also bring safety. It's important to invest in a well-lit entryway for both you and your guests. It shows off the beauty of your home but also helps guide guests directly to and from the entry with ease.

In addition, illuminating your home's entry, especially near the garage, will make your home safer by deterring trespassers. A well-lit home feels like a threat to intruders, so lighting the entryways is a way to increase the safety of your space.

2. Water Features and Statues

Water features and statues can both create such a captivating look and feel to a landscape. The babbling of the water and the detail of the statue add their own unique beauty to your property. However, when the sun goes down, these additions are stripped from your curb appeal.

Adding landscape lighting to your water feature or statue is an easy way to increase your nighttime curb appeal and showcase your space's gorgeous elements. There are a variety of lighting techniques that can be used to light statues and water features. From uplighting to downlighting, to mini beam lights that are inserted directly into a water feature, each technique serves its purpose of illuminating the elements in the best way possible.

3. Landscaping

So much planning, energy, and time go into creating your landscaping. The worst possible thing you can do is settle for poor landscape lighting that doesn't showcase each element properly. A combination of lighting techniques and features is required to highlight the landscaping in a way that increases your curb appeal at night.

To achieve the desired look, every aspect of the landscaping should be properly lit in a way that adds dimension. This type of in-depth planning requires the experience and knowledge of a landscaping design expert. For the best possible results, you'll need the expertise of where to place each fixture, what elements of your landscape to light, and how the overall landscaping will look as a whole after the sun goes down.

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