Christmas Tree

How to Care for Your Christmas Tree

Whether you buy a live Christmas tree every year, or this is your first time, you might be wondering how to take care of it through the holidays. Fortunately, keeping this decoration healthy is easier than you…

Winter Greenhouse

4 Tips for Protecting Plants From Frigid Temperatures

Autumn is the time to safeguard your outdoor plants from falling temperatures. When winter arrives and the ground freezes, your greenery will need help to survive. Dundee Nursery, a family-owned, full-service garden center in Plymouth, MN, understands what…

Purple Flower

FAQs About Summer Perennial Flowers

If you love the look of a colorful blooming garden, especially during the summer, planting perennial flowers ensures a lush landscape every year. If this is your first time working with perennials, you might have some questions about…